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You can create Raffles, give coupons and coins to other users for purchasing or attending events. Then you can choose winners. Coupons will be included in the raffles Each coin $ 0.001, you can share with every coupon you give.


You can now upload stories for marketing your business or products and gain traction.


Bezat introduces marketplace where you can browse through a variety of products and redeem your bezat coins againts them. These products will then be delivered to your provided address. You can place an order from the mobile app available on both appstore and playstore or you can try the web app and place your order from there.

play to earn

Play games and earn rewards.

Swap Bezat Coin to Cryptocurrencies

Bezat is now on web3. We've introduced bezat coin which you can purchase from our different packages or you can collect them by watching stories or redeeming daily coins or by playing a game from the app. You can swap the bezat coin into USDT from the app. All you need to do is enter your wallet address and the number of coins you need to swap and then our smart contract on the blockchain will convert your bezat coins to USDT and transfer it to the given wallet address.



Mohamed Qambar

Co Founder - CEO

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Bezat Roadmap

Phase 01
  • Initiate the planning process
  • Formulate a core team through recruitment
  • Hire dedicated Marketing & Development professionals
  • Launch the official website
  • Release the comprehensive Business Plan
  • Establish a strong presence on various social media platforms
  • Develop a user-friendly Mobile App for both iOS and Android
  • Launch an effective Marketing Campaign.
Phase 02
  • Organize a remarkable Soft Opening Event
  • Utilize influencer marketing strategies to drive brand awareness
  • Onboard more than 300 Merchants onto the Bezat platform
  • Conduct engaging Social Media Giveaways to attract a wider audience
  • Foster the growth of social media platforms through strategic content
  • Execute a well-planned Marketing strategy to reach the target audience
  • Generate major press releases to enhance brand visibility
  • Distribute raffle coupons to over 50,000 Users
Phase 03
  • Revamp the website to enhance its aesthetics and usability
  • Redesign the Mobile App for improved functionality and user experience
  • Strengthen the team through talent acquisition
  • Introduce the Bezat Coin feature to provide additional benefits to users
  • Launch the Marketplace for convenient and diversified shopping options
  • Introduce Play to Earn feature to engage users and reward participation
  • Introduce Watch to Earn Stories feature to provide captivating content
  • Integrate Bezat with blockchain technology for cashback
  • Add the feature of swapping cryptocurrencies for user convenience
  • Distribute raffle coupons to over 100,000 Users
Phase 04
  • Establish partnerships with Point of Sale (POS)
  • Launch the highly anticipated BEZAT NFT Marketplace
  • Collaborate with NFT partners to offer exclusive collections
  • Expand globally to reach a wider user base
  • Execute impactful global advertising campaigns
  • Officially join the Metaverse to tap into the immersive virtual world
  • Activate a Telegram VIP Channel for exclusive updates and benefits
  • Initiate BEZAT Official Raffles to reward loyal users
  • Conduct BEZAT NFT Raffles to engage the community
Phase 05
  • Forge partnerships with charitable organizations for meaningful donations
  • Enhance existing partnerships to unlock greater opportunities
  • Amplify marketing efforts to reach a larger audience
  • Continuously introduce new features to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

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