Bezat means MONEY

Bezat is a platform that enables users to create raffles, distribute coupons, draw raffles, and determine winners. It is easy to use with the added feature of distributing coupons and coins simultaneously.

The Watch to Earn feature allows users to upload stories with a coin limit. Any user who watches the story will receive one coin from the story creator's wallet. The creator can add a link to the post, and any user who clicks on it and visits the linked page will receive an additional coin from the creator's wallet. The creator can ensure that real users watch the story and can access a list of users who watched it.

Users can create raffles with specific rules, either by purchasing items or without. After creating the raffle, it can be managed and coupons can be sent by entering the mobile number of the individual. The receiver will get a notification on their WhatsApp. If the receiver wants to download the coupon, they can download it and enjoy all the benefits within the Bezat app. Downloading the Bezat app is not mandatory, and users can still enter the raffle even without it. The raffle creator can link each coupon with a specific amount of Bezat coins as an incentive cashback for other users. Each Bezat coin is equivalent to $0.001, which will be deducted from the creator's wallet to the users who received the coupons. They can then use these coins to avail benefits in the Bezat platform. On the date of the draw, the creator of the raffle can conduct the draw and choose the number of winners they want. The system is transparent and cheat-proof, and the Bezat team will not be involved in the raffles and draws.

Bezat offers a marketplace with goods provided by partner companies. Users can purchase these goods either by visa card or Bezat coins, and there will be a difference in price and discount if they choose to pay with Bezat coins. If a user chooses to pay with Bezat coins, all these coins will be transferred to the partner who provided the item, and the partner will transport the item to the purchaser's address. If users choose to pay with a Visa card, then Bezat company will transfer the amount to the partner, and the items will be delivered in the same way. To become a partner in the Bezat marketplace, please contact admin@bezat.io.

In the Play to Earn section, users can use their Bezat coins to participate in raffles or rewards offered by Bezat. For every game played, users will get a chance to win prizes that vary according to the games and seasons.

Users can transfer their Bezat coins (Points) to real cryptocurrency as Bezat is linked with blockchain smart contracts. They need to follow the rules mentioned on the swap to crypto page to ensure that their amount is transferred to their crypto wallet. Bezat will not be responsible for any mistakes. More Coins & Tokens will be added to the App as mentioned in the roadmap.

Users can send Bezat coins to other users by entering their mobile numbers. A daily limit is provided in the system to prevent misuse.

Yes. Bezat has NFT collections & holders of the NFT will become members of the Bezat community on Telegram. NFT Holders will have the chance to win in all BEZAT NFT RAFFLES. in every raffle we a random 5 holders will be added to the new raffle, then will start the raffle. So, as long as you HODL you might be a winner anytime.

Yes. Bezat is part of new technologies and is present in Decenterland and Sandbox Metaverse.

Yes, there are always new features coming. So, Follow our social media channels and be always updated.