Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
1) Users Rights and Responsibilities
Users agree to provide their information to Bezat application. Users guarantee the information provided is true and accurate. When one of our users wins, they will be contacted through the information provided during registration on the application. Users have the right to amend their details at any time by accessing their profile on Bezat platform. If a winner does not claim their prize, the application’s management will apply the stated law to organize promotional campaigns in respect of unclaimed prizes in coordination with the Consumer Protection Authority. If the winner did not reply to the email sent or call made within 3 consecutive days, then the draw will be made for another person/client and the winner’s coupon will be terminated. Bezat will not be involved for any raffles done by any users, instead we are only providing the platform to make it easy for all users to create and manage raffles and find winners.
2) The application’s website
Welcome to the website and its applications. This page states the Terms and Conditions that apply to the Bezat website, and its applications. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Bezat application. Please note that by accessing the website and using the Bezat application, you agree to comply with the listed Terms and Conditions and the policy for using Bezat is a Commercial Platform with a promotional role, where coupons and offers are provided to customers by the registered Partners.
3) Registering with Bezat
Users can register with Bezat application by login into the platform and fill in the profile and start using the features in it.
4) Objective / Purpose of the application
The main purpose of Bezat application is to increasing the value of money by sharing the profits generated with all users of the application to gain return from daily expenses. We also aim to provide easy services by linking you with our registered Partners to obtain exclusive offers and coupons. Coupon holders are eligible to enter draws done by Bezat or other parties.
5) Upload content to our site and application
We collect specific information about you as a result of your usage of our services. This is explicitly explained in our privacy terms and conditions. You understand and agree that we have the right to use, copy, distribute, sell, or disclose any content or information uploaded to our application or website to any third parties for any purpose related to our work. If such content is protected by intellectual property rights, you grant us a permanent, international, royalty-free license to use, modify, distribute, sell and disclose such content to any third parties for any purpose related to our work. Credit card payments and excluded, we will not collect this type of information, and will only be obtained by e-payment companies.
6) Available customer service
Bezat Application is available to users by downloading it from Apple Store or Play Store.
7) Coupons
Users can purchase coupons through the Bezat platform and use these coupons for creating raffles. After creating the raffle, the creator of the raffle can send coupons and also can give authorization for other users to be admins and will be able to send coupons from the creator of the raffle account.
8) Profile information
We are holding the information in your profile for the purpose of using the platform. Once you store your information, you are accepting that we send you any kind of advertising and the use of your information for any advertising purposes.
9) Waiver
Bezat and its partners will not be liable to each other in the case of any delays to failure to fulfill any obligations under this agreement, this includes but is not limited to: death, governmental acts, war, fire, flood, bombing, or civil unrest.
10) The independence of clauses
If any of this agreement’s clauses is proven to be illegal, or not executable, all the remaining clauses remain valid and applicable.
11) The Entire Agreement
The stated terms cover all the terms of the agreement between the parties with to the subject matter in regards to: canceling the agreement, and/or the arrangement, and/or previous understandings on the subject.
12) Terms of using Bezat Site and Application
This page (with the referred to documents) will provide you with the terms of usage that shall be applied upon accessing or any application available in the application store or other as a visitor or registered user. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our application or website. Upon accessing our website or application, you are agreeing to and will abide by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, kindly do not use our site or application.
13) Using our Services
Accessing our site and services is accepted for a limited period only and we have the right to withdraw or revise/change the duration of your access to our services or site without prior notice. We are not responsible if for any reason our site or services are unavailable at any time or any period of time. Every once in a while, we may limit or shorten the access period of the registered users with us to some specific sections of our site or application. You are responsible for ensuring and maintaining the confidentiality of your access registration details. In the event you feel your access details are being misused, you need to notify and contact immediately. We are able to deactivate your account at any time.
14) Acceptable Usage
You can only use our service legally. You cannot use our site or services in any way that could breach any local or international laws. You cannot send, receive, accept, download, use or reuse anything that conflicts with our terms or condition and/or that does not meet our scope of services. You also agree not to access any section of our site or services without permission or interfere, damage, or deactivate any network we use for our services.
15) Active Features on our Site
We can provide every once in a while, specific active features that will allow you to participate through our site or application such as the chat rooms. Generally, we do not supervise any active feature we provide; however, we can always remove any violating content. If we decided to supervise an active feature, we will notify you before using the service and will provide you with details on how to contact the supervisor for assistance or resolving issues.
16) Standard of Contents
These standards of contents apply on all contributions made to our services, and other active services associated with it. You should abide by these standards and messages too. These standards also apply to the full and every part of the contributions. The contributions must be specific (if factual), sincere (if they were views) and must be as per the law in the Kingdom of Bahrain or any country it is generated from. Contribution must not: Contain any slander against any person, obscene, offensive, hatred, infamous, violent/ engorge violence, racist, sexist, religious, discrimination, ableism, or age discrimination. Copyright infringement, violation of data rights, or violate trademark rights. Be deceptive to any person, or infringe any third party’s legal rights, such as contractual duties, or a confidentiality duty, or promotion of illegal acts. To be threatening, offensive, effects other people’s privacy, causes discomfort, anxiety, disturbing, or embarrassing to someone else. To be used to impersonate a person, or false claim of your identity or cooperate with any person or to give the impression that we are the source of the impersonation. Promote, or assist in any illegal actions such as copyright infringement or misuse of computers.
17) Termination
Failure to abide by or comply with the terms and conditions is considered to be a primary breach or violation of the usage terms and may result in taking the following actions: Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our services. Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to extend your contribution to our services. Issue a Warning. Undertake legal actions against you which includes compensation for all expenses incurred (including but not limited to administrative and legal expenses) from the violation. Disclose such information to the authorities if necessary. The procedures mentioned in these conditions are not limited and we can take any other required measures we deem necessary.
18) Copyright of Ideas
We are the owners of all ideas on our site, the services we provide and the published information (except your contributions). These ideas are protected by copyright, information around the world. It is not permitted to copy, redevelop, republish, download, publish or make it available to everyone or use; of anything available on the site in any way apart from your personal non-commercial use.
19) Reliance on Published Information
There should be no reliance on the comments posted on our site to be considered as reliable advice. Therefore, we state that we are not held responsible in any way to the comments published by visitors of our customers or any person who knows its contents.
20) Our responsibilities
To the extent permitted by law, the Bezat application provides service “as they are” and content “as available” basis and we do not have any representation or warranty regarding the content or availability of the services or that it will be error-free or correct and free from defects. Bezat and the partners shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages whatsoever in or out of the contract, caused by the user’s misuse of services. In case Bezat or the partners have a liability towards the users, it is limited to the coupons and the offers obtained or used. This does not include or is limited to the liability of the application or its partners for any illegal subject that undertakes no responsibility such as in the event of death, personal injury caused by negligence, fraud, or providing false data. We have taken all precautions when processing our site and our services. However, we will not be responsible for any errors or any technical problems that you may encounter when using our application or website. If we are notified of any errors on our site or application, we will try to correct them at the soonest. To the extent permitted by law, we will completely exclude liability (whether arising out of contract, negligence, or otherwise) from any loss or damage that may be experienced by you or any third party related to our site, our service, or any site linked to our site and any content posted on it. This does not affect our liability in the event of personal death or injury resulting from our negligence or our responsibility in the event of fraud, making false statements, or making false statements on a fundamental matter or any other liability that cannot be excluded or restricted under applicable law.
21) Contact us
For any customer service please contact
22) Data about you, your visits to our site and using our services
We collect specific information about you as a result of your usage of our services, and can use such information for marketing purposes.
23) Links from our website
If our website and application contain links to other locations or sources provided by third parties, then these links are available for your information only. We do not have control over any of the contents of these links, or sources and do not accept any responsibility, damage, or loss that could arise from using them.
24) Cancellation of Coupons
If the coupons have been provided (by mistake or coincidence) the user can cancel these coupons.
25) Changes in these terms
We can revise these terms and conditions on this page at any time. It is expected from you to visit this page every once in a while, for us to be aware of any changes we make, as you must abide by it. We aim to update our site and services continuously, and thus contents can change at any time. When necessary, we can cease access to our site and services or close for an unlimited period of time. Any of the contents available on our site and services may be outdated, however, we are not held responsible to update such contents. Bezat can revise these Terms and Conditions at any time and accordingly amend this page. You are obliged to abide by any changes made to these terms and conditions and visit this page every once in a while, to be aware of any changes made.
26) Watch to earn
The purpose of the watch to earn stories is to make the platform more attractive to users to interfere and download to earn money by watching stories Users can upload stories on Bezat platform for advertising purposes or other legal purposes only. The system is giving the users who watch the full story ‘one Bezat coin’ from the creator of the story wallet. Coin will be transferred at the same time after watching the story. Users can add Link for other pages eg: Instagram page, if users clicked on the link also will receive one coin additional will be transferred to his wallet from the creator of this link. Any misuse of the platform will result in deleting the user permanently.
27) Market Place
We are providing items in the market place with third parties agreement which are already accepted by items provided to accept Bezat coins for items in the market place. Users can buy items from the market place using either visa card or Bezat coins Items will be delivered to the user address and a representative will contact the mobile number registered in the system
28) Swapping Bezat coins to cryptocurrencies
Users can swap their Bezat coins (Points) to cryptocurrencies through Bezat platform Each Bezat Coin equals $ 0.001. Make sure that you keep the correct wallet address for swapping to BUSD as we are using BNB smart Chain BEP20. It is recommended to copy your address from your wallet, and then paste it on the Bezat Platform. You can add three different addresses on Bezat Platform. We set daily limits for transferring which suits the network, and these can be changed any time. We are not responsible for any mistakes of these transactions.
29) Share Coins
We provide services of sending coins to other users. For this, we set a limit of 10,000 coins which can be transferred per day for security reasons.
30) Cancelling and deleting account
Deleting account can be done by users from the platform. Once you delete your account, we will not be responsible for any contents you had and any future events.
31) Unfortunate Events
If any uncontrollable event takes place during the process of raffle draw, then the draw will be repeated as per the instructions of the Consumer Protection Authority in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. No party will be responsible for any party other than themselves for any delay or failure to fulfill any of their obligations under the agreement in case any an unfortunate event occurs including and not limited to any of the following: death, governmental acts, war, fire, flood, bombing or civil unrest. To avoid doubt, there isn’t anything in this agreement that prevents customers from paying any of their obligations. If a problem happens during the payment process, the harmed party must contact us, and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.